Redefining the private healthcare experience


Pliro is trying to change how private healthcare is currently being managed in Pakistan by improving the experience for both patients and medical professionals

Idea Phase


Being unwell is not easy. It’s particularly more difficult in the third world where the healthcare system is not organized. We embarked on a mission to make things convenient for patients and doctors through Pliro.



- Finding a Doctor
- Requesting Appointments
- Requesting Medical Services
- Health Forum
- Health Blog



- Practice Management
- Marketing Solutions



- Backend
- Web Application
- Mobile Application



- Healthcare

Project Overview

Team Model


- Product manager
- Designer
- Backend development team
- Mobile development team and web frontend development team

Solution Details


- Server-side development using Java
- Web application development using AngularJS
- Mobile application development using ReactJS
- A combination of Mysql, Mongo DB, ElasticSearch for data
- Cloud services on AWS using Docker and pipeline management using Go-CD
- Microservices Architecture
- Automated testing using Selenium, Protractor, Appium



Dr Sohaib Qazi, Owner Dental Destination

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