jBilling by AppDirect is a global market leader of complex billing


World’s leading open source billing solution which gives a flexibility and customization options needed for complex billing


Client Challenge


jBilling wanted to port jBilling’s existing data (invoice, payment & customer) processing jobs to spring batch allowing the product to evolve into a highly scalable & efficient system.
This change would eventually help jBilling continue to evolve as the market leader. The product roadmap expanded and more new features & integrations had to be added to the core software.


- Web Application Development

- Quality Assurance
- Project Management



- Backend
- Web Application



- Billing

Solution Offering

Team Model


- Dedicated teams (developers, QA analysts & project managers) reporting directly into the jBilling organization

Team Expertise


- Server-side development in Java, Spring, Hibernate
- Client-side development in HTML & groovy
- Database Server used is PostgreSQL
- QA automation using Selenium & SOAPUI



Initially, one of our architects with a team of developers took up the challenge of re-writing all the data processing jobs in spring batch. After the successful completion of this task, jBilling released a new major version that brought a new era to the software.
Following this resounding success, the involvement of Aurora Solutions’ resources grews and the team continue to work on new features as well as supporting old clients.The team helped complete projects with high profile clients such as the State of Arizona & HP’s DU smart city project. Our teams were also responsible for moving the first 2 clients from the jBilling on-premise installation to their new SaaS offering.


Aurora Solutions continues to execute the product roadmap defined by the product management team at jBilling. The teams work closely with the jBilling management to enhance the reputation of the company and help them reach their business goals year on year. The jBilling by AppDirect management continue to show faith in our teams and we help each other drive growth & revenues.


Our modus operandi that fits pretty well in the jBilling culture:

  • The project managers meet & discuss the business requirements with the clients via teleconferencing or onsite workshops. This helps produce detailed requirement & functional documents for every business requirement.
  • The team leads work closely with the project manager to understand the requirements and then create low level technical design documents for every business use case.
  • The development team takes these designs and produces code deliverables along with automated test cases that are continuously pushed into independent feature branches.
  • The code is reviewed for the highest level of quality by team leads before being pulled into the main branches.
  • The code is continuously deployed in different (lab) environments which is then tested by the quality assurance team. The continuous deployment engine ensures that all test cases are working as expected before deploying a new build.
  • After QA sign-off, the deliverable is sent into the core jBilling release process to be added to the appropriate jBilling release.
  • Daily scrum meetings of teams with their managers to discuss their progress.
  • Weekly meetings of team leads & managers with their jBilling supervisors to go over their team/project’s progress and planning for the following week.

“Aurora Solutions have consistently delivered top-quality software and have faithfully adopted and followed all of our development processes. They are technically strong and consistently go above and beyond to do whatever is necessary to make us successful with our customers. They are extremely professional and a pleasure to work with.”

Greg Hitchmough - jBilling Director of Engineering

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