Stakater || Devops Process Automation

Stakater is your ideal DevOps partner, allowing you to focus on application development

TradeSharp || Automated Trading Platform

An opensource initiative that focuses on giving more control back to the trader

Coin Exchange || Bitcoin Exchange

A project that we did for fun and open sourced has gained substantial traction among crypto fans

Papafund || Social App

The product was focused to help people raise funds for their passions using a social game

Twobo || Security

A company developing state of the art software in identity management and security

Fixtelligent || Fintech

A smart platform that allows financial institutions to manage their FIX protocol specifications and configurations

Pliro || Healthcare Platform

A product trying to disrupt Pakistan’s broken healthcare system

Safello || Bitcoin Exchange

Safello offers a safe way to buy and sell crypto in Sweden and other European countries

QbTech || Healthcare Platform For ADHD

An industry leader in developing tools for diagnoses of ADHD

jBilling || Billing Solutions

World’s leading billing solutions offers customizable options for highly complex billing

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