DevOps Engineer

Job Type: Full-Time
Location: Islamabad


Job Description:

  1. Working on different components of the system including infrastructure, build/deploy processes, and back-end.
  2. Designing and developing software based on the principles of Service Oriented Architecture.
  3. Designing and developing tools to assist release of microservices based applications.
  4. Developing add-ons and tools to constantly maintain and monitor applications deployed.
  5. Taking responsibility about the performance and scalability of the code that you write.


Required Skills:

  1. Hard Skills:
    1. Experience of working with a server side technology (like Java, Go, Python, C# etc.) to develop a production grade system.
    2. Solid understanding of DevOps Concepts.
    3. Firm grip on continuous integration and deployment. Knowledge of a distributed version control system (like Git), Project Management tool (like Jira) and build pipeline automation (using Jenkins, gocd etc.).
    4. Good understanding of Containerization and Docker.
    5. Good idea of any Container Orchestration Platform such as Kubernetes or Openshift.
    6. Good knowledge of modern software Design Patterns.
    7. Working knowledge of Go, Shell scripting and Jenkins is a plus.
  2. Soft Skills:
    1. Good Communication Skills
    2. Fast Learning Ability
    3. Agile
    4. Team Player
    5. Ability to work with deadlines
    6. Travel Required: no
    7. Experience Required: 1+ Years
    8. Minimum Qualification: At least Bachelor's degree in Computer Sciences.


What’s on Offer:

  1. Competitive salary scales
  2. Working hours flexibility
  3. Group Health, Life and and OPD Insurance
  4. Performance based incentives.
  5. Interested candidates can send their CVs to: [email protected]
  6. We will assess the shortlisted candidates through a test, interview and/or an offline practical.


Interested candidates can share their CVs at [email protected], Please mention Job Title in email Subject

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